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Mesa Community College Band Camp horn class

Nathan has more than 20 years of experience teaching French horn lessons to students of all ages and abilities, from beginners to college-level players and professionals. He has served for many years as Adjunct Faculty/Horn Instructor at Mesa Community College and was a graduate teaching assistant at Arizona State University. His breadth of playing experience, from operas to symphonies, Broadway productions to chamber music, commercial work to recordings, provides a wealth of experience from which to draw in teaching.

University of Arizona, Nathan Mitchell horn masterclass

Mesa Community College

Band Camp

University of Arizona


Contact Nathan at for availability and rates.

Private French Horn Lessons

Private french horn lessons are available to students across the Phoenix area. Teaching materials include scales and theory, basic to advanced horn techniques, etudes and any orchestral, solo and chamber music repertoire.

Chamber Music Coachings

Drawing from extensive experience in both brass quintets, woodwind quintets and countless ensembles of varying instrumentation, chamber music coachings offer improvement in chamber music skills, intonation, ensemble, as well as practical advice on performance and rehearsal techniques.

Audition Preparation

Lessons and coachings are an invaluable resource in preparing for auditions and performances, including high school solo and ensemble festivals, regional and all-state auditions, college recitals and auditions ranging from youth orchestras to college placement to professional orchestras. Students score consistently highly and are much more likely to be accepted into competitions and festivals with regular audition preparation.

Clinics, Masterclasses and Sectionals

Clinics and sectionals available for groups of horn players at junior high or high schools, or for any band or orchestra horn section to work on repertoire and developing section skills. Masterclasses are also available for high school groups for regionals and all-state audition materials or to work on improving horn abilities or technique at any educational level.

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